Fernanda Nia - Author, Illustrator and Marketing Professional
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Fernanda Nia - Author, Illustrator and Marketing Professional

Author, Illustrator and Marketing Professional

Pets and Owners • The poster is a success amoung my readers in comic fairs.
Maisa • I've illustrated the bestseller books of famous Brazilian star.
Children's Books • The series of religious books I've illustrated for Reader's Digest is available for purchase.
How I Really... • My comic books are available in major bookstores all over the country.
New website • How I Really official website in Brazil is now completely mobile-friendly.
Cupcake Woman • A new super hero is born on the comic strips of How I Really.

Me in words

About me

I'm a marketing professional and illustrator based in Rio de Janeiro that works as a freelancer in advertising and illustration. My main goal is to find the most relevant design and strategic solutions to better engage the audience and achieve the client's needs.

Besides that, I'm the author of Como eu realmente, also known as How I Really internationally, a webcomic that in 2014 began being published in a series of books by Editora Nemo.

Skills »

Illustration, graphic design, webdesign (front-end and Blogger), editorial design, animation, online marketing, social media management, comics, content creation and proofreading (Portuguese).

Photoshop | Advanced
Indesign | Advanced
Illustrator | Advanced
Flash | Advanced
Dreamweaver | Advanced
Final Cut | Intermediate
After Effects | Basic
MS Office | Advanced
ZBrush | Intermediate
3D Studio Max | Basic
HTML and XHTML | Advanced
HTML5 | Intermediate
CSS-CSS3 | Advanced
Javascript/jQuery | Basic
Actionscript 2.0 | Intermediate
Actionscript 3.0 | Basic

Experience »

Author of the website and comic book series Como eu realmente, also known as How I Really internationally. Know more »

I'm the author of the website with comics and small texts How I Really (originally "Como eu realmente" in Portuguese), created at the end of 2011. In 2014, the adventures of Niazinha and Miss Lil' Claws started being published as a book series by Editora Nemo, from the Autêntica group. Since then, I've participated in various cultural a literary events throughout Brazil, such as book fairs and festivals.

Nowadays, the Facebook fanpage of How I Really has more than 150k followers, and it's page on the webcomic publishing platform Tapastic has more than 10k subscribers.

When: 2011-today.

Know more about How I Really here or visit the website.

Freelancer in advertising, design and illustration. Know more »

I work as a freelancer mainly in the areas of communication and arts, taking jobs such as ilustration (many styles), editorial layouting, digital painting, website creation or updating, online marketing planning, brand identity creation, logo creation, print ads and more.

Clients: My current and past clients range from professionals and small businesses to big companies (Reader's Digest, Grupo Autêntica Publisher, ESPM College, politicians and others).

When: 2009-today.

Eletrobrás Furnas. Webdesigner and graphic designer. Know more »

Art direction and layout of the megazine of the supply sector of this major Brazilian Energy company, as well as the layout and front-end programming of it's website.

Job title: Webdesigner and designer (internship).

When: 2010.

Origem Comunicação. Creative director and webdesigner. Know more »

I started as webdesigner and was promoted to creative director of the student's advertising agency Origem Comunicação.

Job title: Creative director and webdesigner.

When: 2009.

Courses »

Information Design, Central Saint Martins (London). Know more »

Information visualization course, focused on learning how to organize data to reveal what hides behind it to create powerful and meaninful messages. "An intersection between image, word, number and art."

Teacher: Angela Morelli, Italian information designer.

When: July, 2012 (30h).

Typography, Central Saint Martins (London). Know more »

Course about the different aspects of typography, including history, legibility, harmony and all the best practices of choosing the right font-type for a project.

Teacher: Catherine Dixon, English typographer.

When: July, 2012 (30h).

100 Design Projects, Central Saint Martins (London). Know more »

Course about exercising innovation and creativity on design projects.

Teacher: Rod Jodkins, English designer and artist.

When: July, 2012 (30h).

Game Art Design, Seven Game. Know more »

Concept art, animation, basic sculpture e basic 3D modelling (Maya, zBrush and Blender) were some of the topics taught.

When: 2011-2013 (270h aprox.)

3D Studio Max, PUC-RJ. Know more »

Basic aspects of 3D modelling on 3D Studio Max.

When: 2009 (30h).

Adobe Flash, Instituto Infnet. Know more »

Basic aspects of animating on Adobe Flash.

When: 2009 (16h).

Education »

Social Communications (Advertising and Marketing). Graduate degree, ESPM-RJ college. Know more »

The Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing is the benchmark of advertising and marketing colleges in Brazil.

Class: 2008–2011

Others »

Project Top España, winner of a scholarship to study Spanish in Salamanca, Spain. Know more »

I won a scholarship to study Spanish for three weeks in the University of Salamanda, Spain. In this scholarship program, 50 students from different colleges in Brazil are chosen each semester to go abroad.

Award standards: I was chosen at ESPM-RJ because my grades were the highest among all the students on that semester.

When: July, 2010.

Languages »

Portuguese. Native.

English. Fluent. Know more »

Level: Fluent writing, Fluent listening, Fluent speaking

Where I learned it: Cultura Inglesa

When: 2000-2005

Certification: CAE - Certificate in Advanced English, by University of Cambridge

Spanish. Intermediate. Know more »

Level: Intermediate writing, Intermediate listening, Intermediate speaking

Where I learned it: University of Salamanca, Spain

When: 2010 (45h)

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